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Hodur Men's Sweater - SALE

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Hodur Men's Sweater - SALE

94711 - Hodur Men's Sweater

A beautiful unisex sweater inspired by the world famous Oseberg ship of the Viking Era, found in a large Viking burial mound from 834 AD. Inside the ship a woven tapestry was found, showing five Viking warriors. These five Vikings appear on this sweater, surrounded by old rune letters, citing a poem from the Viking Era. The upper half of the body takes its pattern from a cart found inside the ship. The Hodur sweater has Norwegian-made pewter clasps and Viking inspired braids adorning the neck. “Hodur” means warrior in old Norwegian and is also the name of the Norse god Balder’s blind brother. With colors inspired by the Viking Era, this sweater is made of 100% fine Norwegian wool from the sheep’s very first shearing. The short fibers of the wool make the yarn finer and softer, giving us a light, warm and comfortable sweater. The neck is lined with skin soft merino-wool.

Regular fit | Mid layer, regular knit | 100% fine Norwegian wool | Heron 30.5 micron | Neckline in skin soft merino wool | 6-ply | 7 gauge | 970g (size L) | J-sleeve | Norwegian-made pewter clasps, medium high neck | Machine wash using wool-cycle


  • E - Dark Charcoal/Smoke/Black

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