Kubb - The Viking Game

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Kubb - The Viking Game
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Bex Kubb Original - the best selling Kubb Game in Europe

Authentic full size Kubb Game imported from Sweden.  Made from 100% plantation grown Eco-friendly wood.  Solid quality construction will offer years of Kubb fun.

KUBB is the fastest growing game in the U.S.  KUBB is a cross between bocce ball and horseshoes but with variations to make the game more interesting and challenging.  Unlike those games, KUBB can be played in the snow. The game KUBB (pronounced koob) is addictive, employs skill and strategy and has sometimes been called The Viking Chess Game.
The popularity of this 1000-year old game is growing and continues to sweep through Sweden and is winning over Europe, just as the Vikings did years ago. The World Competition held yearly on the island of Gotland in Sweden draws over 200 (6 person) teams, attesting to its universal appeal.

Whether you call it KUBB, Kubbe, or Viking Chess, just call it  "Lots of Fun".

How to play/rules of the game.

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