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Laundering instructions:

Follow specified temperature
 Products tolerate up to 85° C.
Use high water level  For fewer wrinkles.
Laundry detergent  We recommend laundry detergent without bleach or optical  brighteners for all our products. Important to know: unbleached natural yarns have their original natural colour, which gradually bleaches with each laundering.
Hang to dry  Appropriate for all items, reduces mechanical wear.
Spin dry  Normal setting; remove items immediately.
Do not tumble dry  Do not tumble dry linen and bamboo viscose. This may damage the product. Cotton products can be tumble dried. However, we do not recommend  this since tumble drying is energy-intensive and causes unnecessary wear to textiles.
 Ironing  Maximum heat. Dampen first and iron parallel to the warp (length) of the fabric.
 Mangling  Only recommended for pure linen. Fabric containing cotton turns out less wrinkled with ironing.
 Tips  When laundering napkins, wash all napkins at the same time to retain uniform colour.
Stain removal: Try to remove stains immediately, or minimise damage by rinsing or sponging o# the worst of the stain. Alleviate red wine stains by sponging with water. Then sprinkle salt on the stain and allow to rest for a while before washing the fabric. White tablecloths can be treated with stronger bleach. This should be done in the washing machine to avoid uneven results. Spot remover may be used, although there is a risk that colours around the stain may change. Make sure running water is available and rinse well as soon as the stain disappears.


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