Fjord Design Flatware & Gifts

Handmade from the Hardanger Fjord in Norway

Fjord Design Flatware was started by Odd Leikvoll, who grew up outside of Bergen, Norway. He was one of seven children in the family, which was of limited means. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his dreams and setting ambitious goals for himself. He started his own flatware production at age 25, in an old barn, by the fjords of Hardanger. Today his son Rune runs Hardanger Bestikk, which is the largest producer of quality flatware in Scandinavia. Fjord Design flatware is inspired by the Scandinavian way of life - honesty, simplicity and functionality. Many of the designs are named after Odd's daughters and granddaughters.Our evidence of true product quality is the fact that we have been in business continuously since 1958. The families and people who work with us have lived and worked in Hardanger for a long time.  Scandinavian metal craft traditions coupled with decades of production experience, product development, and manufacturing technology, have created products that are truly unique - and cannot be found elsewhere.  The quality of our products, our traditions, and the quality of life are all necessities for us, since our mission is to be in the forefront of the flatware business.  Fjord Design takes true pride in guaranteeing the product quality of any Fjord Design products - for a lifetime of unique satisfaction.  Fjord Design Flatware is made in Norway of the highest quality Swedish stainless steel, labeled 18/8. This means that the steel alloy contains 18% chrome and 8% nickel. Chrome provides the optimum corrosion resistance, while nickel gives the flatware its bright luster. Using the very best raw materials we can get, we are pleased to offer a lifetime warranty on all our flatware. All Fjord Design stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.


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