Sommar - Summer

Ekelund Summer Theme


Poppies have been cultivated since 5,000 BC. Today there are about 120 varieties in the poppy family. Poppies grow up to 80 cm tall. They bloom from June to July with flowers that are up to 10 cm wide. We are now presenting our summer 2015 collection, which is based on a distinctive poppy motif. The collection is created for summer interiors. It has muted colours and a simplicity characterized by 1950s design. Cornflowers, lupins and buttercups are other new summer floral motifs. Matching plastic mats and trays, gift sets with towel and dish cloth, runner and tablecloth. are new products in this theme. Apart from this, our summer collection contains a balanced mixture of new items and classics catering to a wide spectrum of summer tastes.

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