Abercrombie Trail

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Abercrombie Trail

by Candace Simar

Endlessly fascinating. . . . The ultimate I was there book. I have read many books about Scandinavians coming to America in the turbulent 1860s, but thanks to author Candace Simar, this is the first time I was ever transported from my easy chair right into the book to experience it with them. The images of courage, cruelty, intolerance, discovery, and simple pleasures have stayed with me. This is one book I won t forget. John Koblas, author Let Them Eat Grass trilogy "Abercrombie Trail, Candace Simar's first-rate debut novel, beautifully captures the wild unpredictability of nineteenth-century immigrant life out on the Great Plains." Diana Ossana, Academy Award-winning co-author of Brokeback Mountain

Paperback, 292pp. 2009

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