Moominmammas Maid

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Moominmammas Maid

By Tove Jansson
With a maid to help around the house, will the Moomins become respectable? A housekeeping and mother-craft expert named Mrs. Fillyjonk moves in next door to the Moomins. Seeing the state of the Moomin house, she takes action, shaming them into hiring a maid. When Misabel the maid arrives, it’s immediately clear she needs a little cheering up, and since Mrs. Fillyjonk has mysteriously disappeared, the Moomins set about teaching her how to enjoy life. Lessons and poignant reminders of the importance of simple pleasures abound in Moominmamma’s Maid, the classic tale from Tove Jansson. Flexicover, 8.5” x 6”, 40 pages, full color

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