Viking In Love

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Viking In Love

Viking in Love

by Doug Cenko

ISBN: 978-0-593-20228-9
In this laugh-out-loud picture book, a Viking falls in love and must face the only thing in his way of attaining it: his fear of the sea.

Stig is your quintessential Viking guy. He loves fresh air, stew, and adorable kittens…but he hates the sea. Ingrid is your quintessential Viking gal. She loves all of the above and the sea. What happens when Stig sees Ingrid? Of course, he falls head over heels. But there is one significant problem that stands in their way: the sea.

Will Stig find a way to overcome his fears and woo the bold and beautiful Ingrid? Only if he uses his Viking ingenuity…and a few kittens.

Hardcover.  Ages 3-7. 

48 pages.  9.3 in H | 10.5 in W

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