Viking Myths

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Viking Myths

Viking Myths (Volume Two)

by Jacqueline Morley


ISBN: 978-1-912006-09-0

Journey to the frozen north for this second spellbinding anthology of Viking myths!

Enter the world of Norse mythology, where you’ll find sea monsters, shape-changers, dark forests, and cunning, gold-hoarding underground dwarves. This second volume of Viking tales features more fantastical, entrancing adventures, including Thor’s journey in the land of the giants, and Ragnarok, the apocalyptic battle of the gods, retold in a way that will engage very young readers. Different illustrators bring their distinctive styles to each story.

Jacqueline Morley studied English at Oxford University and has taught English and History. She is the author of numerous books, including award-winning historical nonfiction titles for children. Her books have won several TES Senior Information book awards.

Hardcover with dust jacket. 88 pages.  Color illustrations throughtout.  Ages 7 & up.

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